Demosophie is a neologism composed of "demos" (people) and "Sophia" (wisdom). This neologism was first recorded in 1990 by Eric Fiorile, author of a book of the same name (not published), registered in the Intellectual Property Institute in Paris. In 2010, he published this book, updated with the help of many free thinkers from around the world in several languages (English Demosophy, Demosophía Spanish).

This book describes the concept of Démosophy as a model of society that, instead of being led by the political oligarchy favored by the system of "republic", would come from the intellectual elite of the country, without any selection by the social situation, so without political parties, no elections of officers. This model would establish leaders selected by studies and by competition, with no powers other than those to implement the guidelines of the supreme authority. The highest authority is exercised directly by the whole people.

This model of government would ban all forms of corruption, undermining the interests of multinationals and cause the enrichment of individuals and small businesses at the expense of banks and large corporations. The people would become the "state" replacing a political class that is doomed to disappear. All major companies, raw materials and sources of production would therefore under the direct control of the people, causing a collapse in prices in all sectors related to energy and a general economic recovery that comes slowly to offset the political plunder of the past fifty years.The démosophy will be represented in various countries in 2012 when presidential elections, both to end the social and economic crisis, to provide an alternative to the "New World Order” planned. The concept is supported by freethinkers of all countries, especially in scientific circles and the Free Press.